Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Today I am homesick. Now part of it is due to this beautiful video that Dylan Miles put together;


But, some days are just going to be hard no matter what. It started a bit last night when it started to rain at soccer. Our family loves rain. Now, back home in Sointula it could get to be a bit much by the 10th day in a row, but for the most part now, we miss it. When rain starts, my MENN run outside in as little clothing as possible to experience it to the fullest.

Last night it started to rain. Now I don't mean Sointula rain, I mean more of a "spit". The funny thing was, Ethan, Nolan, Nathan and I, turned our faces upward, and with big goofy smiles, just stood there enjoying the feel and smell. The other players and parents put up hoods, sat under the bleachers, or re-treated to their vehicles. Not us Wet Coasters! We were all in!

It reminded me of a soccer game 5 years ago when Ethan played U10. It was POURING! And I mean pouring! The fields were soaked, kids were miserable, the teenage ref wanted to call the game, and there was not a parent to be seen. Except me and one other Dad. There we stood in our Wellies and rain coats. Alone. The other parents had gone to wait it out in their vehicles and honk in appreciation to the kids efforts. Now I'm not critizing here! Honest, if you stick with me you'll understand.

The Dad looked at me and said;

"You're going to stick it out are you?"

Me; "Yep. I've always told my boys that I would never make them play in weather I wasn't willing to stand in with them." Said with a soggy, wet smile.

Then he asked;

"Where are you from?"

Me: "The west coast. You?"

Him; "Scotland!"

We had a good chuckle about our water logged history, finished watching the game, and took our soggy kids home.

The part I find amusing is that when our boys were attending Bashaw School, it was always so odd to us how there would be a row of vehicles dropping off kids on rainy days and teachers calling inside recesses, and yet my boys would trudge up the hill in the rain, and want to have outside recess. Then, you'd have me driving my boys to school on days where it was -20 and wondering how the heck they were supposed to play outside in THAT? But, all the little Albertans would be bundled up to the eye slits, walking to school and playing in the snow banks! This has amused my poor family for years! Even Nathan and Nolan, who have spent more years here in Bashaw then in Sointula, are still wired for coastal weather.

So, yes. Today I am homesick. Homesick for flowers, soggy green grass, mountains, rivers, fresh salty air, and the comfort of a walk through the woods, or along the beachI miss seeing my little MENN bundled up in puddle suits and rain boots. I miss the familiar sound of rain pounding on the roof. I miss hanging soggy jackets by the crackling wood stove to dry. Most of all though? I just miss home and all the precious memories and people that are attached to it's loveliness. 


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