Thursday, 25 July 2013

Celebrating Nathan!

11 days ago, my baby turned 10. It feels like it's only been a few months since I was sitting having birthday cake on my 27th birthday, nudging Jody to let him know I was in labour. Where have the years gone?

I remember people asking me when I was pregnant if I was hoping for a girl, and they had a hard time understanding that I wasn't.


I would have been totally happy with either, but I really did want 4 boys. When Nathan was born, I was thrilled. Our MENN were complete.


Nathan has added such a great dynamic to our family. Personality wise he is my only son that is an introvert. Sadly, this has taken me YEARS to figure out. Nathan is well aware that the thought of him moving out one day, totally stresses me out, but also excites me for him all at the same time. Being the youngest, he himself is already stressing out about his brothers moving out, and so is able to greatly empathize with me through the situation. With both of us being a youngest, it has connected us in a way that the others can't understand. Our hearts just get it.

He is also our only son with my curly hair... :)



He absolutely adores his 3 older brothers.....

Sticks very close to both Jody and I, and has an incredibly strong sense of loyalty to family and friends. You would be hard pressed to find a kid his age that will stick that close, and be that loyal to family or a buddy.


However, with that comes his ability to turn his back and walk away without even a second glance if he has been mistreated or someone he loves has been. If the loyalty is not returned, he learned early to walk away. Some people need years to figure this out. Unfortunately, he had learned it by the time he was 6. When he was first born, a close friend of mine described him as having an "old soul". At the time I thought that was odd, but I now understand what she meant. He seems to be wiser then his years, and has the uncanny ability to see past the fake or the untrue.


He has no time for meanness or drama. Sometimes this comes across as snobby, and sometimes it is. He can be stubborn, he can brush someone off, or he can ignore you if he doesn't approve of your behaviour. This, we are working on daily. As gracious as he is with certain aspects of life, sometimes he struggles to extend that grace when he should. This we also continue to work on.

He is quiet to the outside world, yet my loudest kid in a comfortable setting. He reserves his smiles and affections for his near and dear, does not give this out easily, yet gives unabashedly to those he loves. This personality trait he gets straight from his wonderful Dad.

Morgan is his biggest and most favorite superhero of all time.



Ethan is his best and most fun playmate.




Nolan is his fiercest competition, and yet his most loyal ally. Right from day 1... :)

So, as I take time to reflect on this precious gift of a 4th born son, my prayer for him is that he will continue to embrace who he is, a superhero himself.... 

That his dream of becoming a safari guide will one day become a reality for him....

That he will continue to have activities in his life that he is passionate about....

And that no matter what he decides to do, or where he decides to go, he will always remember to pray and follow God, that our door will always be open, a piece of my heart will always belong to him, and that home is where your MOM is..... ;)
Happy 10th Birthday Gibbs!!! You are such a source of pride and joy for me and I love you to the moon and back!



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