Thursday, 26 June 2014

Finding Joy Amongst The Busy

So, yesterday I posted this to my Facebook wall;

And I took some flack via a private message. I guess it was interpreted as I was saying busyness was bad. Sigh.... That's not what I meant.

For me, a busy schedule can lead to a grumpy heart. Insert Facebook status from June 13th;

Last night at our PAC meeting, someone asked a question about something... I answered;
"I'm unable to commit to anything more until after July 15th."
Morgan (student council rep) pipes up and says;
"Yeah, she's grumpy enough as it is!"
Then, as I was visiting with someone after the meeting, my son comes up to me and says....
"Mom, bedtime!"

Just a few minutes ago Jody comes up to me and says;
"Watchya got on the go for today?"
Me: "I need to get caught up on a bunch of stuff and try to re-claim the dinning room."
Jody: "Why don't you go have a nap?"
Me: "That's not fair..." (Knowing he's a bit run down but unable to slow down today.)
Jody: "What? It's not fair that I don't want a tired, grumpy wife?"

Oh, dear....there seems to be a theme here! Hahaha... Gosh, I love these guys! 

This happens more then I care to admit. Sigh... So, when I start to feel a bit over-whelmed, I have to take a second, start a load of towels or jeans (I know, weird, but it's what helps!), cancel a few things off the calendar, and focus more on the joy, rather then the busy.

When I'm running out the door, supper or breakfast dishes still on the table, and baskets of laundry needing to be folded;

Bathrooms needing to be scrubbed, (no photo necessary!)

Timber sitting there staring at me with his ball,


I can feel a bit over-whelmed. I know I won't have time to deal with it all properly until later, so I CAN (and should!) choose to shut my front door, and focus on the moment.

I get to go watch my MENN enJOY life.

Taking JOY in knowing;

Dirty dishes means I was able to feed my boys a healthy meal.

Baskets of laundry mean we have clean clothes (albeit a bit wrinkled!) for the morning.

The ring around the tub, and wet towels not hung up, says we have water to wash off the fun of the day. 

And regardless, my dog still loves me unconditionally, despite my lack of time to throw a ball for him.

So for me, the two (Busy and Joy) don't have to be mutually exclusive. It's finding the balance. It's choosing joy DESPITE the busy. That is what I meant. I didn't mean busy was bad, I just meant busy CAN rob you of joy, and this is something I personally can struggle with. I don't want my husband to come home to a stressed out, grumpy wife. I don't want my MENN to remember their Mom as being too busy and grumpy for them and their moments. I want to intentionally choose to have time and joy for them in life.

If I don't, that means I have failed in what is utmost important to ME.

I want to CHOOSE joy, while living with the busy.

THAT is what I meant...

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