Saturday, 12 August 2017

Getting Back At It...

Wondering this morning if I'll ever figure this out. This happy medium between being authentic to who I am, and not caring what others think.

I censor. A lot. More then most can imagine. I hide, I clam up, I swallow my opinions. Most people don't get to see the real me, and I think I'm OK with that. I've been burned to many times. However, shouldn't we be able to just be? Respectfully? Hmmmm....

Social media is such a blessing and also such a joy killer. I'm wondering how many of us would enter an auditorium with all of our posts strapped to a billboard on our chest and still feel good about them.

There has to be a balance between being authentic, vulnerable, private, and true.

With families expanding, growing, changing, and moving so far apart, that poses a whole new set of challenges. We are related, we love, but other then blood, what are the common strands that make us family?

We all have family members that we've never met, and yet we'd expect to get along famously if we were all thrown into a big room together. We tend to want to forget that there are always political, moral, cultural, and faith differences amongst us. Building friendships is similar. It can all be going fine and dandy until something gets uncomfortable. How does a person truly just cover it in grace and love?

Which brings me back to my original thought. How do I stay authentic to who I am, blog from my heart, while finding the balance between vulnerability and too much?

Thoughts for today....

Blessings... 💝

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