Friday, 15 September 2017

The Ripple Effect.

Due to selfish people, 4 degrees of separation away, my son now has to walk 6.7 kilometres to work.

We're dealing with 2 pebbles, from 2 different sources, that converged into one very turbulent situation.

It's interesting and sad to me how this happens. Adults, and now sadly kids, are marching through life, looking out for number 1, completely unaware of how wide their ripples go. Can you imagine the awesomeness that could happen if the ripples were positive?

Th incredible reality of this hit me like a brick this morning. I have to head into work. On my day off. Which means I'm not here for my boys. So, now 2 of them have to get themselves to work. One on bike, one on foot. Both have kilometres to go. 

Now, I'm not saying that this is a bad experience for them altogether. It's good for them to understand how far reaching these things are. But, as a Mom? It sucks. Big time. I will worry until I hear from them. I will need to pray, and let go. Again.

The ripple effect started with higher up decisions, from people we don't know. Some live 1000's of kilometres away. People who decided to not take into consideration the lives of the people on the front lines. This created a situation that resulted in someone I know feeling the negative effects. Which in turn, left me feeling them and needing to pick up some pieces, which led to my kids not having me home like promised. Not being able to help them. A few people, 4 degrees away, not paying attention to their ripple. A few ADULTS, not caring how they charge through life, leaving the end result on the lives of kids. How sad..... How far too common.

Now, I could get judged for not saying no. I could set boundaries, I could stay home. However this is where the cross over of ripples happens. There is literally no one else to step in. Due to decisions made by other adults, it has created a situation where we are constantly in a state of transition and short staffed. Do you lock the door and walk away? Maybe.... I'm not sure. 

So, today as we all go about our day, please be mindful of just how far reaching your actions go. Please know that because of looking out for your own agenda, or making decisions that benefit you, your actions could be effecting a family 4 degrees of separation away. Kids who should never be left to pick up the pieces from inconsiderate adult actions.

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