Tuesday, 16 April 2013


As many of you know, I started a project a year and a half ago with my camera. I needed practice behind the lens, and I wanted to show my friends, who struggle with being in front of the lens, that they truly are beautiful. I was surprised how many women turned me down. It made me so sad to think about how hard we are on ourselves. When I look at the amazing women I am surrounded by on a daily basis, it actually chokes me up to know that they cannot see what I see. Now, I recognize that I'm the biggest hypocrite of them all here, because I struggle to see it in myself too. My husband can tell me that I'm beautiful daily (and he does, bless his heart) but do I believe him? Not really. I can if he's a bit more intentional though.

If he tells me my hair looks great that day, or he likes the rear view of the jeans I'm wearing, or that my sweater fits me nicely, THAT I can believe. But the whole package? Why is that so hard to accept? I can tell you IN DETAIL my favorite features of each and every one of the women I photographed. Can I tell you mine? Hmmmm...maybe. Let's see;

- I like the color of my eyes.

OK....I've been sitting here paused now for probably 3 minutes. Good grief! My eyes??? That's it?

Anyway, I watched this link this morning and thought it was so telling. What a fantastic way to hit us all between the eyes.


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  1. I just watched that clip. Oh, my. It made me cry. Thanks for sharing.