Thursday, 4 April 2013


This morning my Mom and I were having a conversation over my green tea and her (extremely yummy smelling!) coffee. I was expressing to her a constant frustration of mine with a person close to me, and my Mom suggested maybe it was time to play hard ball. I probably sighed, and I know I responded with;

"I know, but it's that whole 'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink' thing."

In my frustration, I tend to want to drag the person to the water and shove their head into it... :) BUT, that never works. So, this is where my Mom's wisdom came in. My Mom told me about something she had read earlier in the week. She said;

"Sweetie, you might not be able to make the person drink, but you can sure make them thirsty."

For me it was like a light bulb went on. It was so true. Drinking a glass of water, when you're not thirsty, is not something a person would normally do. At least not in my world! It also rarely happens when I'm all comfy cozy and curled up in bed! However, on a hot day, after mowing the lawn, or going for a fast walk, or being on the treadmill, or stacking firewood, or just plain doing something to get me sweaty and thirsty, I'm all over the water. I'm thirsty, and I want water. You don't have to force me at all. In fact, I would probably be grouchy if I was denied it! It made sense.

So, it just made me think about how many times we struggle to get someone to drink the proverbial water, when really it's not our job. They have to choose to want it, or be plain old thirsty.

It also made me think of the times God must look at me and say;

"OK Ellerie! You are going to have to get thirsty."

Whether it's to teach me a lesson, or humble my pride, or just send me a challenge.

I am thankful for the desire to drink. I am thankful for the gift of choice. I am thankful that God doesn't ram my head into the water.

Thirst. The desire to do something to change the situation.

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