Monday, 11 February 2013

The Love Language of Laundry

I bet that sounds like a weird title, but bear with me here. I enjoy doing my boy's and my hubby's laundry. I truly do. You know what I find odd though?

People tell me that I shouldn't.

I had this thought run through my head the other day as I was up in one of the boys rooms grabbing his laundry and tidying up a bit. I was happy. I had music playing, it was a beautiful morning, and I was about to start some laundry and a batch of bread for my family. I was content with the healthy homemade lunches my boys and my Mom took to school, we had eaten a nice breakfast, and life felt pretty good. Then the inner voice started.

"What are you doing? Why are YOU tidying his room and grabbing his laundry? Shouldn't you make him do this? All you're doing is catering to him! He should be washing his own laundry and cleaning his own room! You are spoiling them."

Funny thing was, the voice was wrong. It was part of how I was loving him.

Since my husband is gone 15 days at a time, and I have a bad back, our boys look after the firewood, garbage, recycling, snow shovelling, and most of the lawn mowing. (The lawn mowing is another thing I LOVE to do!) They also will vacume, clean their own bathroom, help with the dishes, and will happily, and for the most part with a servant heart, help with whatever I ask. They are not perfect, but for most of the time, they are reliable. Which leads me back to the inner voice.

So many times now, we hear as Moms, that we need to do this, or teach that, or you're wrecking them by..... But how much is lost in the lack of doing it out of love? One of the ways I love my boys is by doing their laundry. It's a love language for me, and I know they receive it as such.

That day, when my son arrived home from school, he played for a bit and then went upstairs. A few minutes later, he came down and into the kitchen, wrapped his arms around my waist, looked up at me and said;

"Thanks Mom for taking the time to tidy my room and wash my clothes today. I really like it."

Guilt gone! I didn't wreck him that day. I filled his love tank a bit.... :)

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