Saturday, 2 February 2013

You Have to Start Somewhere....

Well, I have finally talked myself into starting to write. It has taken me a year and a half of staring at a blank blog site to work up the courage to go for it. As a Mom, I coach my boys to "find the courage" to try something new, or carry on with something hard. So, here I am. Finding the courage. The title of this blog has been on my heart for years. Whether it's because simplicity is something I strive for, or I want to share what I've learnt, I'm not sure. All I know is that my heart has not allowed me to ignore this desire.
I must admit though, I feel totally inadequate to write on a blog called Simplicity's Call, because in areas of my life, I struggle with clutter and a busy schedule. I'm a mother of 4 wonderful boys who range in age from 15 down to 9, and a wife to a fabulous man (Jody) who happens to work away from home. Even though Jody's job allows me to have the privilege of being a stay at home Mom, he is away for 14 days and then home for 14. So, I parent and run the home on my own for half the year. Sometimes, I struggle to keep up.
This brings me full circle to the reason for the blog. It is a place for me to hold myself accountable on the tough days, and share the successes on the good days. Welcome to my heart!

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