Monday, 15 January 2018


I came to a conclusion this week. I'm a working Mom.

I've never been a full time working Mom before and I realized this week that I need to change my thinking. I've worked part time before, but I'm full time now. With that comes a mind shift. Better time management, more grace with myself, and learning to be a bit better organized. Also, the art of learning to ask for help, or the boundary of a simple no.

I think this will help me. I think it will keep me on track and keep me from feeling like I'm a stay at home Mom, with a part time job, who is working far to much. Make sense? Shift in thinking.

It's funny how our kids can help put things in perspective too. Yesterday I decided I needed to meal plan for the week, and then grocery shop for that. While sitting in my recliner chair, mug of Peppermint tea close by, starring at a blank piece of paper, Ethan walked over, sat on the arm of my chair, put his arm around my shoulders, and rattled off 6 dinner ideas. All great, all healthy, all perfect for the week. Done! I've also come to realize this week that my weight has plateaued a bit on my way down. In all fairness, this is where I plateaued for a bit on the way up as well. So, I decided to plan my lunches better for the week too. Something I could eat at work in my car, or once I got home. Depending on the day. So I found this recipe....

This morning I was super stoked to get going on my grocery list, when I looked at the recipe and sighed.... It looked like to much work. Effort. I was already tired. That's when Nolan came up to me, took the recipe I had printed off, read it, and declared very matter of fact; "It doesn't look too hard. You should just do it!" So, I wrote down the ingredients I needed, as well as the missing supper ones, and headed for the grocery store. Done!

A shift in thinking, encouragement and help from the boys, and life felt manageable. Good even!  

I think a lot about the woman from Proverbs 31. To me she is someone to strive to be, and yet, it also can feel very intimidating. I have 3 personal favourite women in the bible. Ruth (The Book of Ruth), Abigail (1 Samuel 25), and an unknown woman who is listed as "Wise"(2 Samuel 20:14 - 22) If you haven't already, you need to at least read that last one! 😏 These women were imperfect, lovely, godly, and they got er' done. Maybe not the way we modern women would do it, but they had courage, strength of character, and a willing heart to lean on God and do what they needed to do. Love it!! 💝

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