Sunday, 7 January 2018

First Week.... Complete!

What a crazy first week of January! Worked full time, sent my firstborn off to college, sent my hubby back to work, learned how to make a movie, and started packing for California. You know what stood out? 2 things.... The importance of a good bye, and the beauty of music.

First, the good bye...

I have lived more life with my first born then without. Now, I don't know about all you other Mama's out there, but that was a significant realization for me. I was young when I had him, and I'm young sending him out to college.

 Morgan and I when he was 10 months old.

Summer before kindergarten.

First day of kindergarten

Off to college.

Saying goodbye wasn't easy. So much to say, but I had limited time, and an un-private moment. How do you express in under 3 minutes your pride, love, care, concern, loyalty, and all those other last minute things? You don't. You hope, pray, and hand him over (yet, again!) to God. This is it. This is the test. You hope you've trained, disciplined, taught, and loved enough. I felt ripped off on the goodbye. Watched. It felt awkward. However, he is off on the next phase of his life journey, enjoying college, living away from home, and hopefully learning how to be a fair, just, compassionate, yet tough, police officer. I can't even imagine the pain and heartache in sending your son off to war. A piece of your heart must die. 

Now, music.... 

We love music in our home and play it often. Everyones playlist is different, and the variation of us all ranges from Electric Bagpipes, to Andrea Bocelli, Charlie Puth, Taylor Swift, Starset, For King & Country, The Piano Guys, ZZ Top, Ed Sheeran, Fergie, and even Nickelback. The lists and genres are endless! Music can make or break a mood, movie, atmosphere, or car ride.

This past week I needed to help my second son make a movie for a school project. He did a fabulous job in front of the camera, but the movie really needed music. So, I called on my youngest son who hides his musical talent better then anyone I know. Within 10 minutes he had created an original piece of music that fit the video better then anything I could have imagined. Here it is;

This kid never ceases to amaze me. When I asked him when he's going to stop hiding his talent under a bushel, his reply with a shy, blushy smile was.. "It's warm and cozy under my bushel." 😂

Oh, and one more highlight of the week? I can't miss THIS shoutout! My third son finished all of his certification to be a Lifeguard and a Water Safety Instructor! So, now BOTH middle boys are trained and ready. So proud of them. Let me tell you.... There is a lot of time, effort, hard work, and money that goes into that. So, the next time you are frustrated with your kids swim teacher? Please remember that once upon time, these kids were little too.... 😍

Lifeguard #1

Lifeguard #2

So, getting back off my rabbit trail, Yes.... Goodbyes, and music. Both done properly leave the soul right where it should be. Both done wrong? Can leave your soul unsettled and off it's axes. 

This is currently a favourite.... 😍😊


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