Monday, 29 January 2018

A Mini Fridge and A Hedley Ticket

You know those moments? The ones where you realize life has changed? Well, Saturday I had a couple of those. Moments that are exciting and yet moments that are concrete.

Morgan's in college now, and LOVING it. He's taking courses that he's thoroughly enjoying, and has met some like minded people. When he and I were talking on the phone though, it was decided that we should pick him up a mini fridge for his room. A mini fridge!! You know those daydreams when you're a kid? The one where you want your own mini fridge in your room? Well, it happened. It happened for Morgan's dorm room. Lunches were becoming harder to stomach for him as he was living off of processed canned foods. Now, he can have some healthier choices, and what Mom wouldn't be happy about THAT! 😏 So, Jody and I went off to Wal-Mart, found a smokin' deal on a black mini fridge, and I'll be dropping it off to him in 12 days. 

Nolan, my adventuresome, outgoing, endearing son, is going to Hedley. He came to me a few days ago to see if he could go, and then didn't mention it again. Well, Saturday he bought his ticket. His ticket!!! To Hedley! With friends! Real friends! My heart wanted to weep and fist pump all at the same time! This is a kid who has never really had a strong group of friends to enjoy life with, push him academically and athletically, and that can keep up with his enthusiasm for life. In the span of 5 months, he's gone from someone struggling with being a bit stormy, to being confident, happy, full of plans, and people to plan with. Did I mention he's going into the city with a group of friends? To Hedley?!? Oh, my heart...... 💗

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