Thursday, 8 February 2018

Disappointments & Fender Benders

Another first this week in our house. One of the boys was rear-ended. At a yield sign. Into oncoming traffic. I was mad. Like, spittin' mad. The person who rear-ended our son didn't even bother to stop. I went straight to DEFCON 1. Like seriously. I wanted a head, and I wanted it now! All I could think was... "Why him? Why did this have to happen to THIS kid?" God knows, because I sure don't. A cracked bumper, rattled nerves, and a sore rib. I know that it could have been so much worse. He was back in his car the next day. Albeit nervously.

It's been interesting to me lately to watch the highs and lows of life. I received some news at work that disappointed my heart, and yet, I know that my God is big. I know that He's mighty, and I know that He loves me. This is so evident. When you look to see the little things in life, like that my son was not T-Boned when he was shoved into traffic. That one of my other sons received a cheque that will ease some of his college finances, and that I am now getting new tires to help me get my family safely to California. I'm choosing to recognize the God moments along the way. When you have the ability to stop and seek. Stop and watch. It's amazing how much calmer you can maneuver the speed bumps in life. 

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